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When pink was our favourite colour


In this project, I delved into the theme of intimacy within the framework of my camera. How could I bridge the gap between myself and my photography? Should I draw from the nostalgia of my childhood memories, portray my sensual pulses and innermost thoughts, or intimately engage with my immediate environment? While capturing intimate moments through my lens, the main question of this series arose: What is the perfect distance between me and my camera?

Within the process, I discovered a duality within the series—it exists as both an intimate autobiography and a seductive enigma. The exciting moments shared within the frames reveal personal desires, yet the anonymity of the subjects and scenes invites viewers to project their own fantasies onto the images.

I realized that intimacy can only exist by the grace of connection. Personal experiences attain intimacy through the potential for sharing or keeping them private. The camera, assuming the role of a voyeuristic confidante, molds the character of each image—a discreet or unabashed witness to the moments captured.

This project was published in 2016 as part of 'PARA NOIA: Alongside my mind'.

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