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Sleeping with the Fishes


After four years of studying photography at the art academy, my study ended in the summer of 2018. The systematic way of working all of a sudden became completely voluntary. This provided a lot of freedom, which enabled me to bend my photography to my own needs without taking any kind of school organisms in concern.

Sleeping with the Fishes visualizes a period of time I spend in the Alsace mountains for two weeks. Since the stress I experienced during graduating was gone, I could form a photoseries based on rules I created. The surrounding nature and villages provided a lot of peace and tranquillity. I could see the lake from my tent, spending time over there made me wonder wether fish actually slept.

Sleeping with the Fishes is a project about peace, anonymity and the beauty of Alsace nature. At the same time it is about having nothing to prove, excluding digital identity and summer love.

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