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Empty Playgrounds

In the world of finance, nothing is created or executed without a clearly formulated goal. Everything can be divided into chronological steps. There are strict and serious agreements about everything and nothing is multi-interpetable. By focusing on this part-time, something in me has changed.

That without a clear goal suddenly seems a complete waste of time and I rather avoid it. While it is precisely the apparently pointless - sinking teeth into the hopeless - dismantling of the ordinary - inconspicuous experiment, which can lead to something valueable.


Experiment is the destroyer of efficiency, it exposes insincere intentions, and aims nothing more or less than itself. Efficiency leads to a empty, predictable and boring world.

The playgrounds in my photos represent the rules, restrictions and laws that were once created as frameworks for playing: there where anything can arise. Even unused they stimulate fantasy: as a decor of the imagination.

This series is a memory aid for experiment and play. The accidentally encountered scenes awakened my almost childish need to explore and invent.

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