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Artist Statement


My photographic works deal with structures of function and appearance: I’m trying to translate the language of objects. Their factuality seems irreversible, but at the same time conceals our fear of the inevitable.


How is it that we create our environment and manipulate nature as we do? Our fruitless attempts to control the power of nature reveal the desire for a controllable, malleable and arranged scenery.


I begin a dialogue with the viewer about contemporary landscapes. When capital slowly drips away, residuals remain in the gutters, cracks and crawl spaces, taking on new roles while losing their function. 


My photographs shift between wanting to control everything, and accepting what actually is. The relationship between not-knowing, not comprehending and our continuing desire is very important to me. 


Agitation in my head and unanswered questions do not fit in harmonious and controlled environments. Unanswered questions represent a need, and fuel my projects and make desire. My photo series are full of chaos, not-knowing, impressions and questions, lead by an apparent makeability born in the mind, which however cannot be controlled.

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